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Marcia's Story

Some young people fall into their life's work just because a job is available or because the family business is waiting for them. Sometimes it is the result of careful planning and education. But sometimes there is what can only be called an epiphany. That is what happened to Marcia Mylander.

Her family moved from Chicago to Miami Beach when she was fifteen. One evening she was on the roof of their apartment building watching the sun go down behind palm trees and tall grasses. When the sun touched some clouds, pink and gold light sprayed across the sky and she said “Alright, that’s it! I know what I am supposed to do.” Marcia says “ I felt excitement and a sort of inner peace at the same time. I just knew I had to get paint and brushes and get started recording nature’s beauty right away.”

She began painting on anything she could find – old plates, mirror, wood, and small canvases. After several years of practice and self-instruction, she landed a job as a painting instructor at an Orlando, Florida craft store. “That was fun, but somewhat confining. I really wanted to illustrate nature on a large scale, the way nature really is. ‘Murals!’ I said. I started seeing every plain, empty wall as a giant new canvas.”

It took months to get regular jobs, and years to become an established mural artist in central Florida. Today Marcia’s murals are in every room of private homes, in pool and patio areas, offices, shops, hotel and restaurant interiors and exteriors, and even theme parks. “Murals can go anywhere,” says Marcia. “I like to put a nature scenes on a building in a high traffic area. While a driver is sitting at a light or railroad crossing, they can see a peaceful setting and maybe get the stress level down a little. I like to think I create a little hideaway for them to go and rest if only for a minute. A bit of nature’s beauty and energy may help them through the rest of the day.”

Marcia Mylander’s Mural Artistry isn’t stopping there, however. In the works is a retail store to show and sell original art, signed and numbered giclees, and to introduce new artists. The future will also bring art instruction to youngsters in public and private school, community beautification projects and charitable endeavors. “My team of artists and I tackle anything now. Our goal is to get some beauty into everyone’s life, whether it is at home, school or work – just anywhere art is needed.” There are over 200 new original paintings, click on the Gallery to see them.