Mural Artistry

Orlando based Hand Painted Murals for Home & Business

Roslyn Series  1000 Limited Edition

We present a fine gallery of original paintings. The medium is acrylic, unless otherwise specified. All originals are stretched canvas except for contemporary series. Each original may have a limited edition, signed and numbered giclee series on canvas or watercolor paper, or a giclee series may be open to the needs of the buyer. Please contact us for details.
Collectors of giclees will appreciate our available hand embellishment with gel pigments and textures, so no two giclees need be the same. Your print will come to life as a one-of-a-kind work of art.
Please see individual images for specifics. Altered versions (size, coloration, aspect ratio, etc.) are available. Prices will vary. Matting, mounting and framing are also available.


Year Round Half Price Sale

on all original paintings to help during these tough economic times. Please call for prices.

Roslyn Romance  24x30

Roslyn Picnic  24x30

Holding Hands  24x30

Cool Kitchen  40x40

Hot Kitchen  40x40

Chez Vincent  30x40

Sunflowers  24x36

Wonders Series  300 Limited Edition

The Journey  48x48

Discovery  16x20


Sailing Seas  16x20

Winds of Change  16x20

Voyage  16x20

The Wonders  48x48

Pacific Wonder  36x40